The commercial version includes the following options:
  • Maximum message throughput
  • Load balancing of messages
    • This option allows the ESB to distribute messages across multiple subscribers in a distributed fashion in parallel
  • Parallel topic processing
    • This option allows the ESB to process multiple topics in parallel. E.x, the load of Topic1 will not impact the performance of processing of other topics that requires longer processing such as translating message format, filtering messages, routing messages, and e.t.c
  • Support
    • This option including communication over emails and phone depending on level of support chosen. It also include help on fixing minor problems and upgrades/patches which will be available to clients before it reaches open source branch.
  • ESB Administration (Future)
    • This option is a Web based UI that allows admins to monitor what is going on with the ESB. This tool allow the admin to monitor items such as dead messages, retried/newly sent messages, manage messages( retry failed message in batches), manage subscribers( adding, updating, deleting), manage topics( register, delete), view graph for throughput of each esb components, restart esb component, and e.t.c
    • Screenshot for administration coming soon

Contact me to request a commercial and trial license file. Note, trial version gives you all the feature of a commercial license for 60 days

Signup for Trial and Commercial license through:

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