Samples utilizing the ESB
  • Chat Application: This example shows how to do a simple pub/sub which broadcast message between multiple client that are acting as both publisher and subscriber
  • Invoicing: This example is used to explain how multiple service can communicate with one another with little to no knowledge of each other
  • Invoke WebService From ESB: This example shows how to invoke a web service through the esb and also receive a response from a TCP transport that listen to message published from the web service. It also demonstrate how to do a simple message mapping to the parameters of a web method
  • Javascript API implementation of Chat Application: This example is a replication of the chat application written in C#, this sample simple demonstrate how to use the same C# api through the JS api. Requires RabbitMQ 2.3.1 or higher installed to run
  • Request-Reply: This example give a demonstration of how request-reply can be achieved by utilizing the ESBMessageRequest and ESBMessageResponse class
  • Stress Test: This example show the message throughput of the bus

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