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Version 3.1.1 (Upcoming Release)
  • Improved JSON Serializer.
  • Improved Redis Connector for message passing between ESB component.
  • Improvement of Javascript API
  • Support of Websocket as mechanic for receiving message in Java/Android, Silverlight, Window Phone Clients
  • Add ability to control receiving of message and opening of connection from server for non .net clients.
  • Update javascript api with ability to capture event for when connection is forcely closed from server.

Version 3.1.0 (Current Release)
  • Switch from NullSoft to Inno Installer.
  • Pre-Package Inno Compiler as part of build to avoid need to download Installer.
  • Add ability to select backplane at installation time(e.x. Redis vs Cassandra, e.t.c).
  • Rewrite configuration management for specifying backplane which ESB runs on. e.x. make it easier to switch from redis to cassandra.
  • Introduce Cassandra backplane for ESB.
  • Implement ability to secure webapi and websocket connections.
  • Implement ability to retrieve last messages and raw message in error handler.
  • Implement Objective-C Client for Mac/iPhone/iPad Devices.
  • Implement WebSocket KeepAlive Management.
  • Decoupled ZeroMQ from gateway implementation.
  • Introduce PSBReset tool for restoring the state of ESB to initial state.
  • Implement auto-batching of messages to improve message throughput.
  • Implement ability to use websocket inplace of ajax calls (subscribe, publish, unsubscribe) with fallback support when websocket fails for subscriptions.
  • Reduce installer installation time
  • Refactor REST API to use ASP.NET WebAPI and remove dependency on IIS hosting
  • Implement Batch request to reduce HTTP request for subscriptions when using JS API, Silverlight/Windows Phone, and Java/Android Clients
  • Support WebSocket on all browsers including older browser using Flash Socket fallback
  • Improve Request/Response API
  • Add support for expressive filter by allowing "&&", "||" and grouping of conditions (Would break existing filtering functionality)
  • Add support for regex filtering
  • Rewrite Messaging Gateway Implementation (
  • Refactor Java/Android Client API.
  • Fix event handler causing memory leak in MessageHandlerBase
  • Implement reconnection for JS API websocket server
  • Introduce events to capture changes(connect, retry, close) in protocol connection for JS API
  • Introduce simple .NET API similar to Silverlight Client API for application using queuing transports.

Version 3.0.0 (formerly 2.0.1)
  • ESB Administration Dashboard (Deferred)
  • Introduce licensing system. Trial, Open Source, Commercial
  • Silverlight Client API
  • Refactor Windows Phone API to use similar API as silverlight
  • Add delay for creating connection to WebSocket due to slow creation of subscribers information
  • Auto-Register ports required to run ESB Components
  • Remove dependency on specific SQL instance name for message logging
  • Serialized Exception from ZeroMQ Server to Caller(Client)
  • Refactor JS API to a simpler API
  • Remove dependencies of Visual Studio when compiling with build.cmd
  • Add support for message resequencer based on
  • Add the option of determining whether message received are automatically dispatched in same thread as listener or automatically dispatched in the thread pool
  • Improved overall performance of ESB Components and API

Version 2.0.0
  • Replace WCF Gateway Service with a ZeroMQ implementation
  • Improve performance of TCP based transports such as (Low Level TCP Itself, RabbitMQ, Redis, e.t.c)
  • Improve performance of message publishing when dealing with single message rather than batches
  • Add support of Web Socket for push notification in Javascript API
  • Add WCF NetTcpBinding as a transport
  • Upgrade to latest Redis Version
  • Update ESB JS API to auto disconnect proxy connection to ESB server on exit

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