• Open source license
    • Process roughly about 50 messages per second.
    • Does not support load balancing or failover (Publishing, Registering of Subscriber/Topic, Any calls requiring Gateway) between ESB Gateway Server.
    • Only work on a single server support.
    • Does not support parallel processing of messages. That means message will be processed without any prority. Ex. the load of MessageA will affect the amount of time it takes to process MessageB
    • License never expires, just limited.
  • Trial license
    • Has all the features of a commercial license.
    • License can be used for multiple servers since it is a trial
    • Expires after 60 days.
  • Commercial license
    • Capable of doing roughly 65k (Number may vary due to business logics)+ messages per second based on the result here: Performance StressTest for PSB 3.0.0.
    • Support load balancing and failover setup: How to setup the ESB as a cluster for fail-over.
    • Messages are processed in parallel. That means each topic message type will be processed separately from other message type.
    • License is per server
    • New license will be require for new versions.
    • Require renewal every year if you subscribe to support package.

You may signup for Trial or Commercial license through the commercial website: http://pservicebus.com/

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