PServiceBus 1.0.2

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Released: Oct 3, 2011
Updated: Jan 9, 2012 by rpgmaker
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Release Notes

  • Added support for mapping complex objects to WebServiceTransport web method and http query strings
  • Added support for serialization of anonymous type for xml serializer
  • Allow WebServiceTransport to extract wsdl for mapping complex and array object to web service methods
  • Updated HttpTransport to use FormData for sending Query strings
  • Added support for serialization/deserialization for OrderedDictionary
  • Added support for message body templating when using EmailTransport
  • Added MSSQLTransport for publishing messages directly to database using dynamic query with template/direct table insert/store procedure invocation
  • Windows Phone: Added support for receiving multiple message type
  • Added option for override transport used for request and response for Request/Response API
  • Javascript API: Added support for streaming(http streaming/long polling for IE only) message published from the esb to the browser
  • Added Service Monitor Service for monitoring all ESB Services in order to restart them when they shutdown
  • Added Support for complex Content Filter.e.x MyProperty.Value.ID = some value
  • Added Message Store service which is designed to handle and intercept all incoming message for logging purposes which remove the need of each service doing it own logging
  • Added ContentLength for HttpTransport and BasicHttpTransport
  • Added FileNameTemplate to FTP transport in order to create a dynamic filename
  • Added support for using expression tree for filtering a topic message
  • Added TaskInstaller for installing service bus services/component by using configurations.xml
  • Javascript API: Added minified version of esb.js
  • Javascript API: Added pservicebus.pubsub.js and minified version(simplify pubsub by giving client the following functions: register, publish, subscribe, unsubscribe)
  • Added load balancer(ESBGateway endpoint) for distributing connection between multiple subscription service
  • Added support for auto reconnecting client to a different subscription endpoint when client proxy get disconnected if any subscription endpoint is available
  • Added new configuration section for adding backup endpoints for load balancer endpoint

  • Added Sample for testing throughtput of messages
  • Extracted MessageMapper from WebServiceTransport to enable support for templating
  • Updated InterfaceMapper to support List/Array for class generated from dictionary structure
  • Added new method for generating canonical data structure based on data format
  • Moved ChangeType method from ObjectExtension to StringExtension
  • Added Support of null serialization in xml serializer
  • Updated TaskProcessorInfo.GetRating method to return random rating when there are no value to calculate rating
  • Refactor DistributorTask to distribute message evenly amount message publishers component and also requeue message when message publisher endpoints are offline
  • Refactor ObjectManager classes into a single class that uses IObjectProvider instead
  • Refactor MessageHandler classes into a single class and use IobjectProvider for providing a more generic message handler across the board
  • Windows Phone: Update Topic class to use dictionary for passing data as json to Rest Service
  • Windows Phone: Remove dependency of Newtonsoft.dll and ported System.Web.Extension for windows phone
  • Added build command file for visual C# express
  • Added build command file for 32bit machine that does not have programfile x86 folder
  • Added MVC project that is used in place of WCF Rest
  • Updated Setup installer to not show command line anymore
  • Made TransportMessage disposeable to allow for proper cleaning up of internal messages and header information
  • Removed dependency on IIdentifiable interface
  • Refactor Redis Provider
  • Removed dependency on Entity Framework and implement custom ORM(Phoenix.DataAccess)
  • Java API: Added GetSubscriberTransportTypeID for retrieving transport type id for specific transport types by alias given by subscriber

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