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Project Description
The goal of pServiceBus(Phoenix Service Bus) is to provide an API and Service Components that would make implementing an ESB Infrastructure in your environment easy. It's developed in C#, and also have API written for Javascript, Java, and Objective-C Clients.

Phoenix Service Bus

Why another ESB for .NET?
  • Easy to setup; One click installer
  • It provides security manager for implementing centralized authentication and authorization
  • It is scalable and has support for many transports including WCF(NetTcp), MSSQL, WP7 Push Notification, MSMQ, RabbitMQ, Redis, TCP, WebService, HTTP, Email, and more to come
  • It has pluggable interfaces
  • It provides a simple API for communication to the ESB
  • It gives Web developers the ability to use Javascript based API to interact with the ESB just like in the .NET API implementation using (Websocket, HTTP Streaming, Forever Frame, Long Polling, and Server Sent Event)
  • Includes client API for Objective-C(iPhone, iPad, Mac), Java/Android, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7.x and also expose REST API to communicate with ESB in prefer languages that are not supported at the moment
  • Best of all, it is free


  • Added support for running ESB on Cassandra backplane (In current release 3.1.0) for Big Data scaling support.

PServiceBus Commercial Website

New website for commercial users: If you get redirected to codeplex, please clear your cache.

Bizspark Program Option

If you are part of the Microsoft Bizspark Program, you may contact me through Codeplex for a free commercial license.


The current release (3.1.0) now has a licensing system in place. Please read the Licensing Summary to learn about each license type.

Commercial Option Offering/Features
Click Commercial Option for details. If you are interested in a commercial or trial license please contact me through Codeplex.

Phoenix Service Bus Road Map
For information about upcoming feature set visit the Road Map page

PServiceBus Objective-C Client

Message Performance Result (Based on Version 1.0.2)
Performance Result

Message Performance Result(For version 3.0.0)
Performance StressTest for PSB 3.0.0

Message Performance Result(For version 3.1.0)
Performance StressTest for 3.1.0
Performance StressTest For 3.1.0 (AutoBatching Enabled)

Sample Chat Application
Click here to try out a running chat application. The url might not be available due to possibilities of spammer. Spammer beware!!

PServiceBus Java Client (Moved to Github)

How to setup service bus for Windows Server 2008 RC2
Setting up service bus for windows server 2008 RC2

MessageShark(Open Source Binary Serializer to replace .Net Binary Formatter)
PServiceBus would be using MessageShark for all its binary serialization in order to get better performance and compact data size.

NetJSON(Open Source JSON Serializer)
PServiceBus will be possibly dropping support using Xml format for message and using just JSON for performance.

Nuget (Current Version: 3.1.0)
PServiceBus is officially on Nuget gallery.

Windows Phone 7
PServiceBus now supports Publish/Subscribe communication for Windows Phone 7.

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